Its a Piece of Cake


Its a Piece of Cake

Feb 2014 48 Wellington, New Zealand

In March 2012 I took my love of food and my love of creating one step further and I decided I was going to make and decorate a birthday cake for my father. How hard could it be? It looked simple on TV...Cake Boss - Ace of Cakes - Cake Walk...they make it look easy.

So off I went. I had no tools, I didn't know what fondant was, how to carve a cake, store a cake, make buttercream - none of it. If I stood far enough away my first cake creation looked fantastic. The closer you got the more flaws became obvious. Never mind - my dad loved it and got a real kick out of it.

Since then I've not given up. I love cake designing and decorating. I cant get enough of it. I look across the harbour and see cake. I see colours in a store window and I see cake. I see fruits and think cake flavours.

One day I would love to have a cake business but for the moment it is a dream and a goal I continue to strive toward achieving.