I never knew that making cakes will be so enjoyable and relaxing. It was really funny how I started making cakes. I was looking for a good bakery for my 13th birthday daugther's cake, and Finally I found one very costly just for a little square of cake. I said to myself, If somebody can make cakes maybe it is time for me to try it too. So, I started making cakes and buttercreams from the most frustrating recipes on YouTube, until got the right one. I invested 1 year bringing all kind of cakes samples to my co-workers and listening their compliments and complains 🤣. Finally I got some right recipes and designs, which make happy and satisfies my customers. My passion is to see people happy when they receive theirs wishes trough my cakes. I am so happy and passioned with this hobby that it will be my future retirement job 😊.