Fatma Özmen Metinel started to work as a Sugar Artist at Kukie Patisserie in 2002. Won 3 Silver, 4 Bronze medals in Istanbul Gastronomy Festivals between the years 2007 and 2010. Continue to work in Funda Classy Patisserie as a Chef Workshop Manager, educator and Instructor Chef since 2007.
Fatma Özmen Metinel is a calm, pleasant, helpful and hardworking individual who has a passion for cake designing and sugar art. She gets a real buzz out of working in a busy atmosphere, and great pleasure out of seeing happy faces enjoying beautifully designed cakes. As a natural leader she is not only give orders and delegate tasks, but it is also reliably carry out orders as well. As an experienced chef she has a proven track record of making and designing great cakes and very happy to share her knowledge with others who willing to improve in this path. She loves the freedom of expression that designing and art making gives her.
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