Making a chocolate base for a Giant cupcake

*You will need *

  • Silicone Spatula
  • Giant cupcake mould (silicone)
  • White Chocolate – 300gms
  • A fridge LOL
  • Colouring to your desired choice
  • A little patience

Firstly bake your Giant cupcake, allow to cool and set to one side.

I use a silicone mould for my giant cupcakes, I find them much more versatile than the metal tins and much easier.

I also dont use Candy melts because a few people say that they are far too sweet, I stick with White chocolate and providing that you use it properly it will do exactly what you want it to do.

Get a bowl of hot water and stick your melting bowl on top and add your white chocolate. I like to use Silver Spoon, It tastes nice and my customers love it! Has a great creamy texture and works great with this. Add 300

gms to the melting bowl and allow to melt fully.
When you have allowed to melt add your desired colour and you seriously dont need to add a lot of colouring at all.
Mix slowly until you get the desired shade.

Get your silicone mould and using a spatula, take some chocolate (I found the best way way to either pour a little in from the top or right in to the base and drag up to the top of the mould with your spatula. Once you have coated it fully,place in the fridge for 30 minutes to harden.
Once you have removed from the fridge, repeat the same with the melted chocolate to make it thicker. Use up all of the chocolate.
Once finished place backin the fridge to harden once more (another 30 mins)
Take the mould out of the fridge, take both sides and literally peel the sides off the mould and they should come away really easily.

Take the base of your giant cupcake, trim to cut off all of the grooves, make sure it fits in snugly with a quick test. Then buttercream and hey presto you have done it!!

I hope my how to works for you the same as it did for me, Id love to see how you all get on with it.


Love this tutorial – had a go last week, but didnt quite work out – now ive got your tips will try again – Thank You !

lynda, SWF, Essex, www.lyndascakes,

No problem, good luck with it, it works a treat and makes your Giant cuppy look awesome x

I always wondered how they were do neat. Thanks
For sharing.

Ive been wondering how to do this! Thanks so much for sharing!

i need to try this, i have done it before but as soon as I put color to the white chocolate it gets too hard..=(

thanks for sharing!!!

Lizzy, Houston,