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Elmo Tutorial

In March I made my youngest daughter Jasmine, a very special little guy to sit on both her ‘at home’ family cake and then her special ‘party’ cake later in the week.

Elmo rules her world, or should I say MoMo! At the Christmas parade in our main street the only man in red she was interested in was Elmo, as you can imagine, Santa was devastated and I have heard he is seeking professional counselling :( However, I digress, so Elmo HAD to be on her birthday cake! Now those of you who are Mums know how hard it is to make anything in secret from prying-almost-2-year-old-eyes! AND then I had to present him to her on her first cake, light candles, sing, cut, yay, distract nosey-now-2-year-old, and pilfer Elmo from top of cake into a secret hiding place only to do it all again for her party on the weekend! Phew!!

So here he is…he’s very basic, I’m very basic, it’s a basic tutorial….but it’s my first yay! Hope you like it or at least don’t hate it! Ask ANY questions you like and if you do use it PLEASE share pics of your creation with me :)
Thanks so much for looking :) xxx

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

Great tutorial, thanks for posting.

-- -- Michal, | My Facebook:

Cute as a button Elmo cake! Thank you for posting the tutorial. My granddaughter loves Elmo already (she’s only 9 months old) and I’m thinking this would make a cute first birthday cake for her. Thanks again!

-- Joy from Joyful Cakes

Thanks so much Joy. I’m sure she would love it. Please share a pic of your sweet Granddaughter with her cake when you can :) xxx

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

Wow! Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments. I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested! The Greedy Baker, thanks, I did freehand it on about 5mm thick fondant. I stick my glitter on with shop bought sugar glue but I’m told you can make it with tylose and water (haven’t tried it yet) Thanks again for your sweet comments :)

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

This is perfect and couldn’t have come at a better time! My nephew is turing two at the end of the month and he loves “momo” too. :) Thanks so much!

-- Creative Cakes by Sonya at

Oh Sonya! That’s wonderful! How cute, would love to see a photo of him and his ‘momo’ It’s such a gorgeous age isn’t it? :))) <3

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

Thanks for the tutorial, Raewyn, Sydney, Australia. Were the balloons water bomb balloons?


Hi and thanks TooTTiFruiTTi! You have made me very curious about water bomb balloons now lol! I just made them by hand using fondant with tylose to harden. I did them much as you would the center of a rose – form a basic balloon shape, bend a tiny hook or loop into the end of your wire, add a little glue to the hook and push into the base about half way into the balloon. The roll the balloon between your palms gently to secure the hook inside the balloon. I stood them up in foam for a few hours to firm, then turned and hung as you do rose centres. I slid a lttle circular ‘pyramid’ of fondant down the wire and glued in place to secure to look like the balloon end. When everything was completely dried I brushed them with leaf glaze….is the water bomb balloon technique easier? :)

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

I don’t know, Raewyn if the water bomb balloon is easier….just saw that they were small and assumed that they were water
I love seeing fellow Aussies contributing to US forums. A lot of the products in the US are called different things to what we call them.


Thanks again ToottiFruitti, so cool to find another Decorator from Oz. It sucks when you first start hey? Having to convert everything and find out what things are called what. Have you tried making Modeling Chocolate yet? Wish we could just buy it. And I’m about to try and make SMBC for the first time. Have you tried it yet? Where are you based? Raewyn :) xxx

-- Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

Hi Raewyn I’m on the Gold Coast. Strangely, Modelling Chocolate was the 1st thing that I attempted. I think this is the recipe I used:- Modelling chocolate recipe
I have also tried SMBC using 1 2 3 method

I have even had a go at making my own fondant…..disaster! I can’t get over how expensive cake decorating supplies are here in Oz & the prices of courses are unbelievable. We have only 1 cake decorating suppliers here on the coast so they can charge what ever they like. Ebay has been a great source for me in getting cutters & the like.

What do you use for shortening? I have purchased Crisco here but it is around $11 for a very small can. Didn’t know if one could use copha instead?

I have just made a couple of gumpaste care bears for my daughters birthday cake for Friday.


This is like Aussie Great to meet you, The Greedy Baker!

I will take a peek at…..the modelling paste I made turned out quite smooth. I taught my daughters how to make chocolate roses with it. One daughter who was 16 took her roses to school for home ec.

It is so good to hear about making buttercream with copha as the crisco was ridiculously expensive. I know you can also get crisco from a company in Victoria called

I just taken a look & “liked” both thegreedybaker & cakebyraelwyn facebook pages. Beautiful work! I would love the recipe of the copha buttercream that you use, thegreedybaker.
Yeh, I have 2 facebook pages….one personal which I have just “Liked” you and another one which I started up when I did a small course with a group of ladies in Brisbane. The course was done at a cake decorators warehouse it was soooooo cheap. The only problem was driving up to Brisbane every Saturday. You get spoilt living on the GC you don’t want to travel far at all. On CakeDecoratorsExtraordinaire I have posted some of my meagre attempts of cake decorating & other peoples fantastic cakes plus links to others.