Hello :)

Hello to all the sweet people here :) I’m new in this forum and would love to share my sugar art, tips and recipes. About me I’m an Army wife, proud mom, professional baker, photographer and a teacher who turned her passion into a business :)

I started baking with my grandma and my mom when I was a little girl. I learned the best recipes from them and now I have the skills to create my own recipes and make everything from scratch. My baker assistants are my soldier and my kids, they are my right hand. I’m very proud to have a family business :) :)
I make custom cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, decorated cookies, chocolate lollipops, marshmallow figurines, Latin Desserts (cheese pastries, 3 leches, guava pastries and more) Swiss cakes and more desserts!!!




Michal Bulla

Hi there and welcome to CakesDecor ;)


Welcome to cakesdecor and hope you will enjoy cakesdecor as much as I have done with all the helpful, talented and lovely people here.

Emily Herrington

Good to have you here, welcome!

Make Pretty Cakes

Hello and lovely to meet you! xoxo


Thanks :) Nice meeting you too :)