How we made Goofy out of Fondant/gumpaste

This is our first attempt at an iconic character. We were pretty happy with the results!We couldn’t find any help on line, so this is how we made our goofy. We hope it can help!

First always make your colors in estimated sizes so that you have it ready when you need it. Stopping to make a color can really slow up your progress and take up a lot of time. Just keep in ziploc as you work.

Make 3 balls out of the blue. This will end up the body and the two legs.

Roll the large ball into a tear drop shape and put in drying tray to harden as you go on to the next step.

Make the orange ball into a tear drop shape and put on top of the blue tear drop. Use a little gumpaste glue, but not to much or it will slide all over the place.

Cut a rectangle shape the width of your figure where the two colors meet. Fold in half lengthwise, then use your ball tool to indent the middle of the strip. Use your gumpaste glue (little bit again) and place around the waist. Repeat this step for the neck and wrists.

Roll black fondant/gumpaste ball the size you would need for the head. Set aside for a few to dry a little. Put a toothpick or piece of spagetti into the top of the orange tear drop. This will be to hold Goofys head on.

Put a small piece of fondant around the toothpick to cover for his neck.

Use the modeling stick side, roll in the top 1/3 where you would like to put the eyes. This is your guideline for the mouth also.

Use ball tool to make indent for eye socket. As you push in, pull up slightly to make it longer.

Roll 2 small white balls into oval log shape and flatten slightly. Use ball tool to flatten more once you put them on the sockets. Use a very little paste if necessary and push gently to attach.

Make small brown ball, cut in half then flatten to look like 1/2 moon. Place on top of white eye socket with little paste, this is Goofys eye lids.

Take a small piece of black fondant and roll into a rope long enough to make a “M” around goofys eyes.

Take 2 small balls and roll into little logs and flatten. Put this under the eyelids. Take 2 small white pieces of fondant (you can use a #2 or 3 tip) and cut out highlites for his eyes.

Now for the mouth. Cut the ball in half and shape in to an almost boomerang or rounded triangle shape. Indent slightly to form inside of mouth. Place and stretch across width of face on the bottom. Using your large side of your viening tool push in and up to form a slight cheek and jaw line.

With the other half shape the boomerang/rounded triangle again but this time use your modeling stick to indent the middle to define Goofys muzzle. Place over the bottom mouth piece.

To form the nose, roll a small piece of black fondant into the very popular tear drop shape and glue to the top of the muzzle where the triangle comes to a point.

Next you need Goofys teeth. Take 2 small balls of white, flatten and make into a “chicklet” shape. Glue them inside the muzzle.

Roll a piece of black fondant very thin. Put little holes into Goofys muzzle. Two, close to the eyes, on each side and a few in the front on the muzzle. The two on each side, close to the eyes, are where you will place your very thin “hairs” carefully manuver with your brush or toothpick and place in the holes that you made. This could take a few tries. If you let the little hairs dry a little so that they don’t bend it is a little easier.

To make his vest, just cut your square and then 2 strips. Attach to the front, but make sure it is not to long or wide. The back is a triangle that you would just blend in around to the front.!

After your vest is in place, repeat the earlier rectangle/fold process and wrap arount the neck to make his collar. Now on to the arms.

Using the orange roll 2 logs, slightly bigger on top and tappered to the bottom. Cut a slant on the top inside of the arm to make it easier to glue to the body. At the end of the arm put you rectangle/fold cuffs around and secure with glue. Take 2 little piecies of black fondant and glue to the under part of the arm under the cuffs. This is Goofys arm that we will be attaching his hands to.

You can now place Goofys head on toothpick/spagetti. Take 2 pieces of black fondant and make 2 tear drops. Stretch the teardrops thinner on top tappering down to bottom to create ears and glue on to sides of Goofys head.

To make Goofys hat, roll 2 green balls. First ball take your ball tool to create a hole in the ball. Then shape into a kind of pot. The second ball roll slightly to a tube shape then take your balling tool back and roll on top to create indent. Glue tube into pot shape. Make black band and glue where the two shapes meet.

For the legs, roll 2 logs. Gently tapper down half way making the thigh thick on top until the knee. Put in molding cup and make the bend of the knee come over the cup. Make your cuffs for the pants with the rectangle fold over method and place on the bottom of both legs. Make sure that the top of the thigh has enough of an angle to be able to glue the legs to the body later.

To make the shoes, roll 2 logs. Round edges. Place down and using balling tool make hole indent in each shoe. Slightly shape the front and tapper the back to give a shoe shape. Roll a rope and place around the hole of the shoe. Put a piece of black fondant inside hole for his leg. For the shoe bottom put little indents around the hole sole of the shoe. Make 2 little squares for the heel. Glue the shoe to the inside of the pant leg.

To make the hands, roll 2 balls of white fodant. Flatten front part of ball. Cut 3 lines and on the 4th finger cut in half. Gently roll each finger and thumb to round shape. Roll rope and attach to back of hand. Glue to inside of cuff.

Take a small piece of fondant make little rope and flatten end. Make 3 cuts for hair and glue to Goofys head just below hat.


OMG….what a great detailed tutorial. Thanks for posting ;)

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Thanks guys! We had written under the pictures, but somehow we lost it! We will try again later to edit it back in just in case the pictures don’t tell the whole story!

Great tutorial! With pictures like this, I don’t think you need any writing under the photos! Great job!

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Thank you very much everyone. Just finished with the written word. If anything is not clear, just let us know and we would be glad to help!

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