Wedding cakes in Buttercream #1: 3 designs in one cake

I used 100% buttercream to frost cake with, and do all scrollwork, boarders, etc…
3-tier wedding cake (6-8-12 inch tiers) 2-layers in each tier w/ buttercream filling.
I baked and frosted all tiers w/ buttercream frosting. I very lightly spritz sides of iced cakes w/ water. I smoothed icing by dipping icing spatula in very warm water, and shaking off excess. I continue to dip and shake off excess by tapping on side of tall cup or pitcher. *You can also dip spatula in hot water and wipe w/ dry towel.. after spritzing cake as mentioned above prior to smoothing icing.
Top tier is covered w/ single dots~ use #6 or #7 cake tip and put row of single dots on front of cake w/ 3 or 4 dots in a row, then alternate dots w/ 2 or 3 dots, etc.. all way around. I put longer row of dots on front, then opposite on back of tier, then sides, where you have divided cake into 4 imaginary quadrants. Then to make even, I put the shorter row of dots equally between each set of long rows of dots already placed.
I take my finger dipped in very warm water and shake off excess, then I lightly smooth each dot for a smooth look.
I make a beaded boarder around top tier w/ #8 single tip, and use a #2 or #3 tip to make a circle scallop detail around each bead.
Second tier~ I mark scrolls w/ wilton scroll markers. I use #3 or #4 tip and outline scroll work, then use #2 or #3 tip to make small dots around scrolls. Use same method of smoothing dots as described in previous paragraphs.
Third tier~ using tip #3 or #4 make random curved stems and buds piping one bud at a tip pulling towards end of tip stem.
I placed support rods into each tier, so it will hold the tier above it w/o sinking in. top tier needs no supports unless topper is heavy.
I stacked second tier on bottom, then top tier on second tier and finished beaded boarders.
I usually take tiers separately and assemble on-site, unlike other decorators, who usually transport tiers assembled together w/ wooden dowels down through all tiers for added support when moving a tiered cake in a vehicle.
I did put this cake together w/ rods, as it was picked up and transported by brides family~
I then added flowers to top tier that are requested by bride~

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