CakesDecor Launches Game-Changing Platform for Cake Course Creators to Share and Inspire

The platform enables aspiring and professional cake course creators to sell their cake courses online.

September 29, 2021 — CakesDecor is pleased to announce the official launch of its online platform for cake course creators to share their industry knowledge with others, earn additional income from sharing passion, and inspire a new generation of cake artists.

Since 2011, CakesDecor has been a leading cake decorating website which connects and inspires cake decorators from around the world. The website boasts a wide variety of features for users, including a community forum, interactive Q&A page, decorating academy, online tutorials, and so much more. Because of its popularity, CakesDecor unveiled a new identity and redesign five months ago, incorporating a new focus, new features, innovations, and tremendous growth.

In the company’s most recent news, CakesDecor has launched an exciting initiative, the CakesDecor Academy, to support aspiring and thriving cake course creators to start selling cake courses directly on its website. This game-changing opportunity enables cake artists to share their knowledge with other like-minded creators, earn additional income, and act in a leadership capacity.

“We were the very first to offer cake artists a place to showcase their cakes online,” says co-founder of CakesDecor, Martin Sojka. “Today, we have a fully integrated platform for cake decorating knowledge sharing, CakesDecor Q&A’s, and for cake decorating online coaching, which is our CakesDecor Academy. We are the best place to build professional online presence for any cake artist and instructor.”

Petya Shmarova, instructor for the very first course posted on the platform says, “it’s not always easy to find a large audience on one website – yet CakesDecor provides me with the viewers I need to market, and purchase, my wafer paper mini roses course. It’s been such an incredible opportunity so far and I look forward to seeing others upload their courses, too.”

CakesDecor Academy makes it incredibly easy to create, promote, and sell full-featured cake courses online. As such, it includes a host of features and benefits, including:

  • Instructor Dashboard
  • Streamlined Payments
  • Course Landing Page
  • Unlimited Courses, Video Lessons, and Students
  • Course Materials
  • Addition to the CakesDecor Facebook shop
  • Zero monthly commitments and no upfront payments
  • Creator controls the course price and keeps 70% of each sale
  • And so much more!

For more information about CakesDecor, or to start selling a course on its website, please visit

About CakesDecor

CakesDecor’s mission is to connect and inspire cake decorators from around the world through an online collaborative platform. The website enables users to share their creations, learn the fine art of cake decorating, and gain knowledge from each other and professionals alike. CakesDecor is committed to raising the bar in the cake art online space in the coming years ahead.

Martin Sojka