Start selling your courses on CakesDecor today

Exciting times…

We are inviting all aspiring as well as thriving cake course creators to start selling cake courses directly on CakesDecor.

It’s never been easier to create, promote and sell full-featured cake courses online. Let’s see what’s included.

What’s included?

  • Instructor Dashboard with the Course management, enrollments feed and students overview
  • Streamlined payments – set up your payments once to recieve automated payouts to your bank account (secured by
  • Course Landing Page with permanent link, course overview and hassle-free card payments
  • Price your courses in USD or EUR
  • Sell your courses globally and in any language
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Video Lessons per Course
  • Unlimited Students
  • Unmatched Cakes section for each course (for you and your students to share course-related cakes)
  • Q&As section for your students to ask questions and get answers
  • Course Materials to host unlimited amount of course-related PDF documents – great for workbooks, assignments etc.
  • Integration of the Courses and Lesson completions to CakesDecor activity feeds – leveraging the power of your and your students’ followings to promote your courses automatically
  • Courses promoted in the CD Academy section
  • !!! Courses added to CakesDecor FB shop – our FB page has 450k+ followers

Coming soon…

  • Course reviews and instructor ratings
  • Communication with students through the CD platform
  • Coupon codes / discounts
  • Course certificates
  • Mini-courses
  • Standalone websites for the instructors
  • and more…

In summary, CakesDecor is the best platform to host your pre-recorded cake courses and turn your passion into income.

There are ZERO monthly commitments, ZERO upfront payments.

You set the price of your courses, CakesDecor takes 30% as the CD Academy fee from each course sale. (More tiers will be introduced based on the sales volumes).

Start building your first CD course today
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