Modelling Chocolate Cookie Monster

Made from modelling chocolate & a pair of small scissors

you’ll need blue modelling Chocolate in NZ I prefer Chocolate Earth brand as mall ammount of white & a tiny amount of black (you can use fondant for white & black if easier), small ammount of pale tan & brown modelling chocolate (or fandant) small pair of Scizzors, ball tool, cake dummy & a knife
(optional rubber ended brush)

you’ll need roughly these dimensions for the body/head/arms & legs
Roll a cone shape for the body then ben a little to make him look like he has a belly

Sit the main body on the edge of the cake dummy (I’ve covered dummy in wax paper)
Then using small scissors snip at the modelling chocolate making small cuts, then using your finger gently press raised cuts back onto the body to give the impression of fur, do this to the entire body

To make the legs roll out modelling chocolate cut in the middle at an angle, squeeze the ends of the legs into feet & using a knife make 3 cuts & spread slightly to create toes

Place the cut diagonal of the legs under the body I place one over the edge & one straight out to give more character, I then use the rubber ended brush to press the seam where the legs meet the body to give better conection, you could use the end of a brush, then using scissors snip & press the modelling chocolate to create the fur effect leaving the base of the foot smooth

to make the head roll a ball of modelling chocolate then using a knife cut into ball about 1/3 the way up to create the mouth, then using a small flattened piece of black modelling chocolate insert this into the mouth attaching top & bottom, using a very thin sausage of blue cover where the seam of black & blue meet

using scissors snip & press the head

repeat the same rolled log & cut at angle for the arms but this time flatten the end & cut a hand, attach to body with the top of the angled cut to sit just under head, bring one of his hands up to his mouth & press gently to attach

to make the eyes use a ball tool to create an indent then roll 2 balls of white modelling chocolate (or you can use fondant) and attache into the indents, then add two smaller black dots a weird angles to finish eyes (cookie monster’s eyes are never straight)

to make the cookies roll small balls of pale tan modelling chocolate then flatten top with tiny balls of brown modelling chocolate & flatten & allow to set, put a couple in his hands, then break one & put broken bits into his mouth & on his hands

-- Jo, NZ,

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

What a fantastic tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! I recently made my very first figure, so this tutorial will be a great help to me for making future figures!


Thanks Toni :-)

Jason Robinson

cool thanks where do you buy Chocolate Earth Modelling chocolate from in NZ


Thanks Kiwicakebloke you can buy the Chocolate Earth brand from Kiwicakes online store


Fantastic Tutorial! Thank you!!!


Thanks Dina


Love the tutorial, thank you for sharing. Jo, how well does modeling chocolate stand up to heat and humidity, thinking of trying my hands on it.


thanks xclusive, modelling chocolate alot more stable than the likes of fondant & gumpaste you can eaily make your own too just remember with any recipe make sure the chocolate cools to 91F before adding the Glucose/cornsyrup to it, if you add the glucose when chocolate is too hot you can get alot of the oil from the chocolate escape…or you can cheat and buy it, the bought stuff tends to have a higher content of glucose/cornsyrup but if you make yourself you may want to lessen the ammount anywhere between 1/2 3/4 the amount of chocolate in Cornsyrup :)


Really appreciate your feedback Jo, thank you!


you’re welcome

Calli Creations

Thank you so much Jo!!! you have such a gift of breathing life into sugarcraft…. such a dleightful character !!! :) xxx


Thank you so much Calli you’re so sweet <3

Pauline Soo (Polly) - Pauline Bakes The Cake!

Excellent tutorial, Jo! Thanks for sharing! :) xxx


Thanks Pauline

The Cake Tin

Awesome tutorial Jo, another one to add to my faves :) Thanks for sharing this.