Journey of a Cake Order Series #2: How to Design a Cake

Welcome back to my second episode of my 6 episode, Journey of a Cake Order series. In this episode, I will sketch a life-size drawing of the Romeo and Juliet themed wedding cake which I discussed in episode 1.

I am going to do this drawing in very simple and methodical steps so that hopefully no one can say “I do not know how to draw”. Hopefully my guidance and a bit of your courage will get you there.

In our Romeo and Juliet wedding cake order’s journey, this drawing will be presented to the client for final confirmation and it will give them a sense of how important they are for you.

This drawing will also guide you to prepare all the cake’s elements in the right size and the quantities. Basically, if you know exactly what you need to do, half the job is already done.

Also, this drawing will lead us into the next episode, “How to Price your Cakes with Itemisation”. We will be referring to this drawing when itemising all the elements for pricing.

To download the worksheets and templates seen in this episode, please visit the following link…

Next episode will be published soon!

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Huge amount of preparation and work, with each order …
Thank you,master!

Practice leads to perfection!

So awesome 💖😊😍can’t wait to see the video 💖😊😍😍

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