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Homemade Strained Yoghurt Tutorial

Whenever possible, I’ve always preferred to produce my own basic ingredients at home. It just adds an emotional value to your product and in the end, you have something to be more proud of. For example, I love creating a candy from fresh orange and lemon peel to use for fruit cakes. I also make my own Mascarpone cheese when I make Tiramisu cake and if I have to use yoghurt for any cake or dessert, I always prefer to make my own. It’s simple and economic.

In this video, I show you how to make your own yoghurt which is then strained to give it a firmer consistency so that you can use it for many things. Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Keep an eye out for the next one because I’ll be using the plain sponge (previous tutorial) and this yoghurt recipe to create a Strawberry Yoghurt Cream Cake!

Tutorial at Yeners Way

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SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

This is fantastic Serdar, I like to make my own ingredients too. Thanks for sharing, mascarpone is one of my favourite ingredients. Do you have a tutorial for that?