Bi Colour Rose Tutorial

#Please note, I am a self taught decorator. The way I make things may not be the easiest way or the best way. Its just my way. I have been asked to share how I make my roses so Here is another wee free picture tutorial.


Thanks for sharing Lisa another absolutely stunning Rose, with a fantastic tutorial

Jo, NZ,

This is so much awesome in one! I am spamming my page with this tutorial! xx

Zeena -

Oh my……I have just gone to rose heaven, just beautiful Lisa x

Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

Wow! how kind of you to share and how beautiful is that rose!!! Love it ! Thank you so much!!

Awesome Lisa, thank you for sharing with us – Mel

Melanie - A Cake Creation, NZ,

Lisa, gorgeous flowers.. Thank you for all the details and of course for sharing this in the first place!

Dina @ miettes,

Thank you Lisa for the detailed tutorial.I just loved it!