Cupcake Bouquet Step-by-step

As this is a question I get asked quite a bit, I decided to photo my latest cupcake bouquet every step of the way to show exactly how it’s done. It’s fairly easy to do and by using different colours and decorations you can create a beautiful bouquet that not only looks lovely but tastes great too!

BakerLou – Cupcake Bouquet Tutorial

You will need:
A suitable container (I like to use metal buckets that are easily available from florist suppliers, they are approx 6" across – you could also use terracotta pots or anything else of a suitable size that takes your fancy), plastic disposable cups, various coloured tissue paper, sellotape and a stapler.
Optional: cellophane, ribbon, sugarpaste, elastic band, edible glitter.

You also, of course, need a batch of cupcakes plus enough buttercream to decorate them! You will only need seven but my recipe makes twelve so plenty to nibble on later ;)
This time I used good old vanilla for both cake and buttercream but you can use any flavour combination you wish.


To start off, you need 7 plastic cups, arrange them into this shape:

Now, at this point, you can either staple them together as they are or you can do as I did and wrap some tissue paper around each cup (sellotape comes in handy here just to keep in place) before stapling for an even lovelier effect, like this:

If you’d like to use cellophane, now is the time to wrap it around your pot as it’s much more fiddly to do it later on – cut a big square of cellophane, turn your pot upside down and secure with an elastic band, don’t worry that it looks awful, we can pretty it up later!

Next, take a sheet of a different colour tissue paper which will complement your icing colours, cut in half and lay out flat across each other.
Lay the tissue sheets over the top of your container and gently push your cup arrangement downwards pushing the tissue paper with it.

Ok, you’re ready to ice your cupcakes!

To assemble your bouquet, simply pop a cupcake into each cup holder! I then tied a length of red ribbon around the pot to cover that elastic band!
And there you have it, a gorgeous bouquet of cupcakes! Perfect for a present :)

This tutorial can also be found on my blog (with extra photos) at
Happy Baking :)


That is such a brilliant tutorial… I’ve heard of cupcake bouquets where the cupcakes are atached to a polystyrene ball using cocktail sticks and royal icing… but this makes so much more sense. I even feel that maybe when I get the chance I might create one now.
Thank you so much for sharing x

Jayne, Cakes by Occasion,

These are so pretty! My only question is how do you get the cupcakes out? Are they difficult to take out? Will the icing get messed up while trying to remove them?

Nikki, So Cal,

Hi Nikki, the cakes sit at the top of the cups (if you use muffin size cases like me) so there is enough finger room to get them out easily without damaging them xx

Great :) I have always wanted to try these but always wondered about that. Thank you and thank you for the lovely tutorial! I cant wait to try these out :)

Nikki, So Cal,

Great idea…might just have to try this one day.

~Daniela xo

Thank you. This makes the cupcake bouquet much more beautiful than the typical ones. But one quick question did I understand you correct that you used Jumbo Cupcakes so that way you would be able to retrieve them out with getting frosting messy.

Thank you for this!!

Cake Rocks!😆