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3d cake tutorials #9: Pirate ship cake part 1- Sculpting & Ganaching

Hi friends! so happy so come back here!…how are you? I hope that all are ok specially healthy.
Today I have for you this video tutorial of how to make a Ship 3d cake, this was a long process, so I divided in 3 parts with the aim to share with you the whole process – as always – without edition cuts. I hope is useful for somebody! if so, please don’t forget to subscribe and share the video so I can reach finally my first 1000 subscribers! seems impossible but I am working very hard to do that…please give a hand in that sense. Thank you so much!

-- By Katherina Perez

pirate ship pirate ship cake pirate ship 3d cake ganaching sculpting

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Great tutorial, my friend. Thanks for sharing it 😘😘😘


Great! Thank you for sharing it!!!!

The Garden Baker

Thank you so much, Katherina! Great tutorial! Could you please share the length and width of the finished pirate ship ?

Sandra Smiley

This is so cool!


Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!


Fantastic!!! Thanks so much!!!

Raquel García

Fantástico tutorial!!! No paras guapísima!!!❤❤❤❤

Felis Toporascu

Great tutorial!