chocolate decadence #2: Faux Ganache or "Crusting Chocolate Buttercream" GF, LF

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just wonna post in case I ever loose my recipe book, I can come back here:

when covering a cake, you have to work faster than with butercream, but you have ways more time compared to ganache. I tried this combination because I wasn’t in the mood for making a real ganache (it takes a while if you don’t have a microwave). it’s a super fast recipe and I find it finger-licking good. Exactly tastes like the filling of “Prinzenrolle”, an Austrian cookie that I loved as a kid ;-) I used to seperate the two cookies and first lick the chocolate filling.

gluten-free & lactose-free Crusting Chocolate Buttercream

1 1/2 cup Crisco
1/5 cup corn-starch (Maizena)
1 cup Cocoa powder (dutch processed)
1 pound of powderd sugar (about 500g)
1/4 cup hot coffee
a shot of vanille extract (aprox. 1tblsp)

1. cream corn-starch en shortening
2. add cocoa powder, vanilla and hot coffee
3. add sugar and mix on low till incoorporated. add liquid as it isn’t smooth enough.

the left-overs are also nice as cupcake topper!

have fun and Happy Baking, Olivia.


When icing a cake, does this set up like a ganache and have you tried it under fondant? Thank you.!

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  1. says “flour” but it isn’t in the listed ingredients.

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@pipingdesigns: no flour in this recipe ;-) maybe I was starting with typing corn flour and than changed it into corn starch and forgot to delete the other word. sorry for the confusion ;-)

@tokazodo: it doesn’t crust as hard as my ganache does, more like crusting buttercream. I covered my last baby shower cake with it. the one with the silhouette, you can find in my pictures. works great if you give it a minute to cool in the freezer.

Thank you for clarifying. It sounds great and I planning on giving it a try soon. Thanks for sharing;)

Thanks for sharing. I’ll give it a try :)

Emmy,, Aruba

Is the Maizena cornstarch a special one or is that a brand name?

Maizena is a Brand name. every corn starch will be ok that you can purchase in your area.