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About Lulu's Bakery.

Hello, I’ve just recently joined this website and already have had quite a few views and so many nice comments! This website is amazing and some of the cakes are unbelievable, I hope to be that good one day :)
I will be updating my pictures, blogs and recipes whenever I can.

I’m only 17 and have a huge passion for baking, many people think I’m a lot older than I am when they see what I can do, which is very touching. I bake nearly everyday and search around for new idea’s to perfect my skills. I love doing what I do so please enjoy!

Many thanks,
Lulu’s Bakery xx

-- lulusbakery

passion for baking


Michal Bulla

Welcome and enjoy it here ;). Your cupcakes looks really yummy.

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Welcome to CakesDecor!!! xxx

Lilie Rose Walshe

Thank you both very much!xxx


Welcome to the site! I am amazed that you are only 17. Believe me, I have drooled over the cupcakes you have posted. Can’t wait to see more!

Lilie Rose Walshe

Thank you so much! Making Cupcakes are my favorite :) xx