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CAKE BASICS #5: Stop your grainy buttercream!

Hi friends!!! how are you? I hope you are great and healthy.
This time friends I am sharing with you my recipe for stopping a grainy texture and excessive sweet flavor of the regular buttercream.
I hope is useful.
Love you and many hugs!
Your friend…Katherina

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-- By Katherina Perez

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Fabulosa receta Katherina! Muchas gracias por compartir 😘

Sandra Smiley

It looks really creamy and smooth. Can you pipe with it? Thanks for sharing, Katherina!


Thanks so much Katherina!!! Fantastic recipe!!!👍👏👏😍😍😍

Felis Toporascu

Thank hou Katherina!


Thank you for sharing your tips, hun. Love this! Tvb!

Super Fun Cakes & More (Katherina Perez)

Thank you so much dear friends! Claudia, Lalla, Clarits, Felis and Sandrita.
Sandra this buttercream is special for piping too!



Sandra Smiley

Thanks, sweet daughter! It looked to soft and fluffy for piping. Great to know!

Gabriela Doroghy

Wow!!! Awesome!!! <3
Thanks for sharing, dear Katherina!!! :*

Raquel García

Muchas gracias guapísima!! Eres un artistaza!!!!

Super Fun Cakes & More (Katherina Perez)

Thanks Galito, Raquel and Gabriela! Love you!


Thanks 😘😘😘😘 I love you too

Elli Warren

Fabulous!! Thank you for sharing Katherina! :-) x