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Converse High top Sneaker Tutorial

Here is my attempt at a tutorial for the Converse HighTop Sneaker that i did for my daughter. It’s my first attempt at a tutorial, so big learning curve there, so please let me know if you have any questions!

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One additional note added regarding the carving of the front bottom of the shoe…i noticed that my daughters shoe curved up in the front, so i carved a bit out from under the cake, leaving the cake board showing (unfortunately). I crumb coated it and it stayed put. so, while finishing up the details, i added a strip of black fondant to hide the gap between the toe and the cake board. Thanks for asking!

-- Sarah at www.facebook.com/sweetscenecakes

converse shoe high top how-to tutorial sneaker


Elite Sweet Cakes

Thank you Sarah for sharing this great tutorial.. it’s really helpful.. nice job

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Wow, thank you so much for an amazing tutorial on your AWESOME cake! Your details are spot on. I love all of the different textures you used to make the shoe look so realistic!

Karen de Perez

That’s a lot of work!! congratulations!! I really love what you have done :)


WOW— Thankyou for sharing. Brilliant work :):):)

Mary Yogeswaran

Thankyou for this tutorial.


Amazing! Thanks for sharing


Thank you

Caseiro Custom Cakes

Bedankt voor het delen! Super! Waar heb je deze impressie-mat vandaan? So cool!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Thank you for sharing!! Lovely job!!! xxx

Favoured Cakes

Amazing! thanks for sharing!


This is a piece of art work for sure. The details are amazing and life-like. Thank you so much for your time you took to take all of the photos so that you could share your talent with us.


can you share what size pan you used?? thanks

Sweet Scene Cakes

i used a 9×13 pan to bake and carved two shoe outlines and one extra square for the top of the high top piece. Hope that makes sense.


Hey, Do you have a template of the edible icing? I cant seem to get the right size on the net for them. Your cake is amazing by the way I am going to ATTEMPT:) it……


Can you tell me what specific impression mat you used for the laces and for the trim on the bottom of the shoe. I am planning to follow your tutorial to make my daughter a purple pair of converse.

Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial