How to make a wafer paper hidrangea with fondant leaves

Hi friends, here’s an easy way to make a wafer paper green hidrangea and a fondant leaf.
You need
1 styrofoam ball,
1 wire for flowers,
2 sheets of white wafer paper,
some green fondant,
yellow+green+white+red food powder color,
1 brush,
1 cutter,
1 scissors,
some pins,
some film,
1 real hidrangea leaf.

Pierce the ball with the wire, as in the pic below;

Twist together the ends of the wire, as in the pic below;

Bend the wire as in the pic below. This will help you to hold the ball while working;

Cut out some small pieces from white wp sheets, as in the pic below:

Get your favorite shades mixing the powder colors;

Paste two pieces of wp, shaping the little flowers of the hidrangea;

Make a very little ball of green fondant and fix it onto the flower, with a pin.

Pierce the styrofoam ball with the flowers;

Cover the real leaf with the film. You have your natural veiner!

Roll out some green fondant onto the leaf;

Cut out the fondant leaf with the cutter;

Color the leaf trying to give it a realistic look and then let it dry;

You’ve got a beautiful hidrangea for your cakes!



Beautiful. Thank you for sharing Carla x


This is great, Clara! Brilliant idea to use a real leaf as a veiner! Thanksfor sharing!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Great Idea, thanks fo sharing!😀

Olina's taarten

Great tutorial! ! ! ! Thank you so much for sharing Clara :)

Fantastic work. Thank you very much Clara !