Captain Hook armature

We would like to show you the armature we have used.It is made of thermoplastic.This is an material which is very practical,strong and hard.It is very comfortable for the make of sculptures and small figures,also for the thin parts of the figures witch could break during the transportation of the cakes such as fingers,hands,legs.It is easy to work with,just put it in hot water,mould the thermoplastic and leave to cool.When cooled and white it could sustain up to 100 kg of weight and it is extremely hard.The thermoplastic could be used multiple times,just put it in hot water again.
The jaws of the crocodile and the skeleton of Captain Hook are both made of thermoplastic.When we choose suitable position for the skeleton we just add thermoplastic in the joints.This way the sculpture could be very flexible and not only straight corners like the plumbing part.Also avoids welding.
Simply melt and glue


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