How to Decorate Dimensional Haute Couture Cookies 👗👝👠

I created three of Haute Couture cookies to energize your fashion shopping experience, and cookie decorating!
The Three Cookies
An inspired Inspired Manolo Blahnik Boot cookie
An inspired Herve Leger evening dress cookie
An inspired Hermes evening bag.cookie
All three cookies are created using soft consistency icing and tipless bags, if you prefer nozzles use #0, #1, and #1.5.

Bobbie Bakes


Fabulous tutorial!! Thank you!!!😍😍😍


Thank you so much for the tutorial I would want to ask what kind of pensil do you use for outlining?

Oh how lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thanks so much for this and all your videos, so generous of you

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Thank you, Marlene! 💝💝

Bobbie Bakes

Thank you, Ivana! 💝💝

Bobbie Bakes

Thank you, Svetla! 💝💝

Bobbie Bakes