Realistic sugarpaste eye

Hi everyone. I studied for 3 months this tecnique and I’d like to share this way to get a realistic iris eye in sugarpaste dolls or figures.

I pic a piece of White sugarpaste for modeling. I draw a circle with black colour. I begin with a very clear colour near the range I decided.

Then I begin to draw very thin stripes from the board toward the centre of the circle.

More stripes of different colours I draw the most realistic the eye will look at the end. When you did stripes enough begin to draw the inner part of iris

At this point paint the pupil

When you think the painted part is ok Let it dry. Get some glucose syrup

And with a little paintbrush pour it on the iris careful not to go outside the boarders.

Let the work dry. This is the final effects.

I use this technique also in small eyes. When dry the glucose syrup become hard.

I hope this tutorial Will be useful.
Ser you. 🤗

Francesca Marangoni


Great idea, thanks for sharing :)

Gorgeous technique, Francesca!!!
Thanks for sharing!
Francesca, sei fantastica!!! Mi stavo appunto chiedendo come avevi fatto un’iride così bella 😱😍😍😘


Thanks for sharing 😀

Olina's taarten

Thank’you all. I am happy you like it… I have been using this method to do eyes since may when i sculpted Chris Cornell. The iris is still clear and transparent. I hope it will be useful. 🤗

Francesca Marangoni



Beautifully done! Something isn’t quite clear to me, though. When you start out it looks like the eye is made a little like a cup. Is that correct? Is that so that the glucose syrup doesn’t pour off??

The Garden Baker