Wafer Pine Branch Tutorial

Colored wafer paper
18 gauge floral wire, cut to approx 6"
Scissors (or fringe die)
Piping gel

Step 1:
Cut 1/2″ × 5″ strip of wafer paper and moisten with water. Place wire on edge of wafer paper and wrap around wire completely.

Step 2:
Cut a strip of wafer paper approx. 1″ × 6″ and use scissors (I used a die) to make fringes, being careful not to cut all the way to the edge.

Step 3:
With your brush, apply a thin coat of piping gel to uncut edge of the fringe strip.

Step 4:
Take the wafer paper covered wire and put on the diagonal to the fringe strip. Slowly start to twist the wire so that the piping gel adheres the fringe strip to it.

Continue to twist down the length of the stem. I found that the more diagonal I wrapped the wafer paper, the better the “pine needles” fanned out.

Step 5:
Let dry completely before arranging. And that’s it! Super quick and so effective! I had so much fun with these, I couldn’t stop making them! I hope you enjoy adding some festive foliage to your next winter themed project.

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Karen's Kakery ...

So clever xx
Thank you for sharing :-)

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Great thank you

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Thank you so much! What an awesome tutorial!

Pamela Jane ...

Thank you! I’m so happy you all like it.

CakeHeaven by Marlene ...

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My pleasure! Thanks for looking! :-)

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Thanks for sharing, arrangement looks fab!

2cute2biteMe(Ozge Bozkurt) ...

this is amazing.. easier than I thought..
Thank you..
Happy Holidays!