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Christmas Fondant Wreath for Cupcake Topper or Sugar Cookies

This is my first time posting a tutorial so I will do my best to explain the steps along with the pictures.

I used the Wilton Wreath cookie cutter that comes in their Holiday 40 pc Collection. I used the large size one.

Tools you will need

Roll out your fondant (I added a small amount of Tylose Powder instead of gumpaste to the fondant), place your wreath cookie cutter on it then the circle in the middle to make sure it is centered before cutting. Once you have it placed correctly, cut out your wreath.

The star sizes I used were the last two smallest from the star collection (or course you can use the larger ones if you want to). I cut out even amounts of both stars. I then used the smallest end of the pointed fondant tool to give it texture on the outer part of the stars.

I then placed the smaller star in the middle of of the larger one and placed it on the wreath and gently pressed the middle with my fondant ball tool to give it dimension and help it stick. Since the fondant was soft, I did not need to use water for it to stick. Do the same steps around the entire wreath except for the bow area. Once you have completed, make little fondant pearls and place in the middle of each small star for your Christmas bulbs. You can also use pearl beads.

For the bow, you cut out a strip of fondant the size you need depending on your wreath. Pinch the ends then fold them to meet in the middle with the crease facing upwards. Then you pinch the entire middle together. Then you cut out a small piece of fondant to wrap around the middle of the bow. For the ribbon, I used the tip of the star to get the V cut then cut it thinner on top with scissors to place underneath the bow on the wreath.

This is the completed product. I painted my bulbs with edible paint. You can use this as a cupcake topper or even put on sugar cookies.

Hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.


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Venelyn G. Bagasol

Did you use gum paste or fondant?

Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

I used fondant with a little bit of Tylose powder.


very cute idea thanks for sharing

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

This is a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy's Cakes and Beyond

So cute!! Thanks for sharing!


Where did you get the wreath shape cutter?x Amazing tutorial,thanks x

Fun Fiesta Cakes


Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

Thank you all for your sweet comments. I got the wreath shape cutter from the Wiltons 40 pc Holiday collection at Michaels. They are on sale now for $7.99. It has a nice assortment of cookie cutter shapes for Christmas.

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

I love it! Thank you for sharing!!