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How to make a 2D Horse Cake Tutorial

I made this cake a while back when I just started doing cakes professionally.
If done today I’d probably do a much better job such as decorating the board.
Never the less this is one of the popular posts on my blog and has helped a few newbies with their sculpting.
So I though it was worth a share.
I added just enough pictures that I thought were necessary, I have more progress pictures on my blog post just in case you have any doubts.

First, go to the internet and find the picture of the horse you want to make. You could use any picture with the same technique. Even something other than a horse!!

Look for coloring pages and you will get a picture like this, print it in the size that you want so you trace it.
Sometimes you may need to print your picture into parts if the cake is big. For example you may print the head on one paper; the body on another and the bottom on another.

What’s important is that you can align them into one whole piece wen your done carving… ( I hope that makes sense to you or else I’m just babbling off)

Trace the picture. Cut it out…

You need to use a cake that is easier to carve. Here I am using a Dense Chocolate Cake – the recipe can be found on my blog.
Layer your cake and fill it with frosting / buttercream. Do not level the top. You can leave the top to add more definition to you cake.
Its best to freeze the cake for an hour so it’s easy to carve. But since this is a fairly simple design I just froze it for about 30 minutes. Freezing the cake makes carving much easy as you cake will not fall apart.

Place the picture on the cake. Try to adjust as best you can. But sometimes you will need to trim in parts. You see here a part of my picture does not fit… don’t worry you can take care of that later.

I use pins to secure the picture in place and cut around it. Hold the knife straight not at an angle or you will get uneven sides. Use an up an down motion, and be gentle.

start separating the parts carefully.

Now use the spare cake to add any missing parts.

Cut around your template and ensure you have all sides equal.
Now take the parchment paper off. Your parchment paper will still be used to ensure you place the eyes and ears and other parts in the right position.

If you are new to sculpting cakes, you can leave it like this, go ahead and add fondant to the cake. Or you can add more definition and character to your cake.
Using the spare cake, I added a chin, a cheek and a forehead. I cannot tell you how to do this specifically because you work on it adding and subtracting until you are satisfied.

Time for fondant. Roll your fondant and place it on the cake. Make sure you ease the fondant into the curves of the cake slowly without tearing it.

Now start adding definition such as the fondant in the mouth area. Use your fingers to smooth the fondant and be slow.

Now for the mane —
I have a gum paste extruder so I used this disc. I think it’s the second largest disc.

Now start adding the mane until you are satisfied.

Now for the eye, I used my brown fondant, shaped it free hand and placed it on the cake. Use your template to guide you in positioning it. Then I took black gel food coloring and highlighted the center.

For the reins, I used the lighter color fondant than the mane and the stitching tool below to add the marks. Use the picture of a horse’s reins to see how the straps are placed.

I added more definition to the horse such as these lines. (what do you call them?) and I smeared some black gel color around his cheek, chin, forehead. Not necessary but does give it that masculine look.. I think!

And that’s how I did my Horse cake.. Do decorate the board as well. It does make a difference.

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Thanks for sharing!

Calli Creations

Fabulous tutorial with loads of step by step detail.. thanks so much!!! great cake :)

Carol Vaughan

Thank you for sharing – I know a little girl who will love this next year!



Veenas Art of Cakes

Susan I had no clue FABARTDIY has put the link to my tutorial. Having said that I think the other one is not advertising – it’s a separate tutorial as well in the form of a collage. They have given you a second tutorial with this link. <3 I don’t think they are advertising that with this tutorial