Easy Buttercream Ruffles

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Ruffles are everywhere these days, and recently I had a bride want ruffles on her wedding cake. But not fondant ruffles – Oh no, she wanted butter cream ruffles. So I took a few hours to figure them out and I documented the process. Let’s start with an image of the technique, almost completed:

Pretty, huh? The best part is, you only need 2 tips to accomplish this look!

I have seen a rose tip used to make ruffles, but I have found that the Ateco Tip 070 is absolute magic for this. Also,. I wanted to add some “lift” to my ruffles, so for this tutorial we’re also going to use a Wilton tip 12 for height.

The ruffling part is really quite easy; the tip does almost all of the work. My suggestions here are to start each row with a full bag of icing. Bag “burps” and running out of icing is not your friend here. Once you have a row of ruffles, pipe a tip 12 rope on top of the ruffle.

This rope will give you a nice ledge to pipe your next next row of ruffles onto. Now just keep alternating ruffles and rows until you reach the top ledge of the cake. If you want to continue on the top of the cake, just keep doing the same thing – ruffles and piped ropes.

That’s it! That’s all there is to it! See, I told you it was easy!

-- Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes - http://cupadeecakes.blogspot.com

This is AWESOME!! Thank you so much cupadeecakes for posting :)

-- Julie.. https://www.facebook.com/#!/cakesbyjuliej

Great tip/tutorial and pictures! Very helpful. Thanks:)

(One thing that really helps me out is to know how to angle the tip or which way to hold the tip; also if there’s a comparison to what motion to make…such as make an “e” motion or “write” with the tip using a cursive L motion…..that helps so much. Is there a special “motion” for the ruffles?) Thanks.

Really helpful! So pretty too! I love your tutorials! Thanks for sharing!

-- Diane, South Eastern Connecticut, http://www.facebook.com/bellacakesandconfections

Excellent trick with the ledge – thanks for the tip!

Thank you for your tutorial !!! I want to make a ruffle cake and didn’t want to use fondant.. I will definately be trying this out…

-- Sherry, Delaware - www.Facebook.com/SherrysCupAndCakes

Looks great! Thanks for the tutorial!

-- Facebook.com/cakecanvas

This looks intense, but beautiful. You sure know what you are doing.

-- Mollie Burd