Fondant Double Bow Tutorial

I absolutely love girly bows. Ever since my daughter had long enough hair to be put back, I felt the need to have a matching bow or hair accessory for each outfit she’d wear. Gymboree bows were definitely a staple:) I really wanted to make a bow out of fondant that looked just like one of those fun adorable bows. Here is a tutorial on how to make a double bow. You can add more layers of loops and ribbon or even cute decorative accents.

To start, I use rolled up wax paper cut into different lengths as inserts for my bow loops to dry. I find that this method helps me to customize the size of the loop and adapt accordingly while in the midst of working.

Roll out fondant and cut into desired size strip.

Next take each end and gently twist the loop facing up and attach each end to the top of the center.

Insert a cut up piece of rolled wax paper to insure that the bow dries opened.

Repeat the process and attach one on top of the other to achieve that double bow effect.

Take a small strip of rolled fondant and carefully wrap it around the center of the bow, making sure that it is secured in the back.

Roll out two more strips of fondant and attach to the back of your bow.

For a really full bow with multiple layers of color, repeat this process with either a larger or smaller set of a double bow. Single strands of colored fondant ribbon can also be attached from the back of the bow to give more dimension.

Finally you can either leave your bow as is or adorn the center with a decorative accent of your choice.


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miettes ...

This is neat, Tatiana… Thanks for sharing!

Sarahoz ...

Niiice, thank you :)