Competition cake.........recieved a certificate of Merit

Well……..after a late night and an early start I drove up the M6 very slowly……. to arrive at the NEC at 7.15am. We all de-boxed and set up our cakes on the tables provided (only the snail fell off in transit so easy to fix). Then we carried our cakes over and placed them on the judging tables.
Leaving my cake was really hard to do, I felt like I’d delivered a baby and didn’t want to go off and leave it with anyone that might not look after it.
The judges were very serious looking, and although I stood back and watched them looking at my cake I couldn’t listen in case they said anything that might upset me……..I love that cake, we know each other very well after spending sooooooooo many hours together.
The cakes were to be collected at 5pm on Sunday after the presentations, so I arrived at 3pm and went to look and see how I did, and I can’t tell you how surprised and very proud I was to see the little folded card that said I’d been given a certificate of merit. I know it’s not Bronze, Silver or Gold, but that doesn’t matter. The fact that they felt it was worth a mention, and a merit means everything to me and I am so glad that I had the courage to do it. The competition cakes people take there are amazing, they are from all over the world, and some are made by professionals, so getting anything is amazing. And I felt proud to burst and very humbled that so many people wanted to take the time to take photos of it, I stood for a while to listen and watch the visitors looking at it, and they were all saying such nice things about it.
For anyone that is thinking about entering, please do, it will be worth every eye straining minuite xxx
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog
Karen x

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Congratulations Karen! What a wonderful showing for your first cake competition. You should be very proud of yourself!!! I want to tell you again how much I love this cake. If I were judging it, you would have received a blue ribbon!!

Karen's Kakery ...

Thank you so much, I wish you you could have been judging!!

Trudi ...

Congratulations Karen!! It is an awesome cake.

I love making show cakes as I can really let my imagination run wild, but when it comes to delivering them I have a bit of a panic attack so Hubby comes with me otherwise I don’t think any of them would end up delivered.

In Australia our judging is done after you leave so you don’t even know who is judging them. When you pick the cakes up you get written critiques from each of the judges…it takes me about a week to even open them and read them hahaha!

Karen's Kakery ...

You’re lucky, no one will come with me……they don’t want the blame if anything gets broken!!
The judges were there on Sunday morning to discuss their decision but I hadn’t the time or the nerve to be there for then so snuck in later in the afternoon. I’d like to know where I went wrong so I can improve. But as it’s such early days I think I’ll just enjoy getting through it for now. But I’ve a feeling I might be entering again next year xx

Fifi's Cakes ...

Oh Karen, this is such a lovely story and made my eyes well up!! Sweetheart you are so lovely, truly lovely and how good to see that you make your cakes from the heart! That is the most important thing and congratulations on your Merit. That’s brilliant and you are such a brave lady to enter competitions, being as sensitive as you are. I absolutely love this cake and to be honest with you from what I have seen, the judging is sometimes quite surprisingly marked down over some ridiculous technical thing not even related to the cake. Well done to you Karen and I look forward to seeing your next competition entry :) xxx

just realised that this post was for last year’s entry, what a nut I am!! but my opinion stays the same and I see you received a merit for this year’s so congratulations for that too! It was brilliant and should definitely have received higher in my mind. well done to you Karen xx