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For creating your own blends, you will be using AmeriColor Silver Sheen and Gold Sheen Amerimist Airbrush Colors as your base. The fun part is you can basically create any metallic shade or color when blending with your gel colors but always test it first to make sure it’s the colors you desire.

In order to achieve a silver and gold metallic paste for blending as your base you will need the following:

- AmeriColor Silver Sheen and Gold Sheen Amerimist Airbrush Colors
- Two Small plastic containers with lid

Make sure to shake your colors very well before pouring them into the container. Sit your containers at an angle so that the liquid is only on one side without the lids. The liquid will start to separate from the color and evaporate. The evaporation process may take a couple of days depending on the amount your making. Once the liquid has completely evaporated, you will have some beautiful edible gold and silver paste.


Once your paste is ready, it’s very soft and easy to remove for blending with your gel colors. If you find that it’s consistency is to thick, you can add a drop of alcohol or a few drops from the sheen color to thin it down. You can store the remaining paste in a covered container for later use. The paste does get harder with time but you can easily dilute it with simply adding some alcohol or a few drops of the same sheen color to soften the paste.

What I love the most about using these products, is having the freedom to create almost any color you want. If you have an airbrush system, you can also create your own blends by simply adding any color to your Airbrush silver or gold sheen for blending from the bottle.

Note: if your mixing with gel paste colors to use with your airbrush system, you need to dilute it really well as it will cause some clogging.

Below are samples of just a couple of gel colors used in blending. You will see that the silver and gold metallic base give you different tones when using the same gel color.


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Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

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Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

Hi Enrique, no you leave the lids off so when the liquid starts to separate from the base color, it can evaporate.