Cakes Decor share all our posts without prejudice, unlike some social media platforms. Yesterday myself and many other cake pages discovered tsū (pronounced Sue) a social media which is similar to Facebook except that …You can even earn small commissions similar to YouTube if you fancy something new check out www.tsu.co/mysugarfairy you’ll find plenty of familiar pages there.
You will need a code to sign up as everyone needs to be invited. So you can use @mysugarFairy or use the search button to find someone you know already there. I have also linked my pinterest and twitter and have my cakesdecor profile listed as website, to help tie everything together.. Facebook unfortunately is not so kind as to allow the link.

More info: www.huffingtonpost.com/david-fagin/so-tsu-me-why-facebook-is_b_8328524.html

MySugarFairyCakes - Geraldine


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Cakes by Design ...

Ive also signed up. @rennaescakes

MySugarFairyCakes ...

sent you a wee friend request :-)

Cakes by Design ...

Accepted and following :D

Putty Cakes ...

I’ve signed up too

MySugarFairyCakes ...

Good stuff.. it’s amazing… meeting so many cakey friends.

MySugarFairyCakes ...

Thought I would update you on the TSU craze! It’s only been a few days, the #tsucake #mysugarfairy community is taking off! Connecting with other cakey people, sharing, helping.. its fantastic! I have made more cakey friends in the last few days than I have in the last year… this is an invite only site… please visit.. you can sign in and browse or better still sign in and create your own cakey profile… you will need a code and can use mysugarfairy. Come and see what its all about.


Decake ...


MySugarFairyCakes ...

You are welcome.. see you there