Sprinkle Cake Tutorial

Material list:

Buttercream Icing
Turntable or Lazy Susan
Angled Spatula
2 Cardboard Cake Circles (Ideally the same size as your cake but no less than 1" smaller and definitely not larger)
Cake lifter
Large Shallow Tray
Approx 800g Rainbow Sprinkles (This is only a recommendation. Leftovers can be stored for future use)
Small Rice Bowl (or similar)

1. Begin with the cake you wish to cover and place it on a cake circle base.

2. Creating a nice crisp finish, coat the outsides of the cake with a reasonably thick layer of icing. Only coat the outside making sure to take the icing above the top rim of the cake.

3. Bring the icing into the center of the cake and remove excess. We are not looking to ice the top of the cake at this stage. Using the cake lifter, lift the cake off the turntable and chill in the freezer for 5 minutes.

4. While waiting for the cake to chill pour the Rainbow Sprinkles into a large shallow tray. As stated in the material list, the 800g amount isn’t strictly necessary but I find it’s much easier to have more rather than less so to avoid any chance of the cake touching the bare base of the tray and disturbing the finish of the buttercream.

5. Remove the cake from the freezer and place the 2nd cake circle on top of the cake.

6. Using the cake lifter, lift the cake and gently lay on it’s side in the tray Sprinkles. Supporting the cake with your hands on either side, roll until you have an even layer of Sprinkles adhered to the Buttercream.

7. Place the cake back on the turntable.

8. Next blob a generous amount of Buttercream on top of the cake.

9.Smooth evenly with the angled spatula, removing any excess. Chill in the freezer for a further 5 minutes.

10. Upturn the small bowl and place in the center of the Sprinkle tray.

11. Remove cake from freezer and place on top of the upturned bowl, being careful to balance the cake correctly.

12. Spoon a large amount of Sprinkles on top of the cake and smooth around to edges using the angled spatula, pressing gently as you go to make sure they adhere to the Buttercream.

13. Neaten up any missed areas around the edge using the spoon and spatula as shown.

14. Admire your finished cake! This fun cake is sure to brighten up any day.

15. If you are feeling adventurous why not create 2 or more tiers and finish with some bright ribbon and a gumpaste rainbow for a super cheerful effect! (Please see my ‘Gumpaste Rainbow Tutorial’ here)

This tutorial first appeared in a varied format on Half Baked – The Cake Blog. Thanks for looking!
Kate <3

Kate, Australia - visit me at http://www.facebook.com/thegreedybaker


Woohoo!!!! Love it Kate – you’re so clever! And so well laid out and easy to follow! :) xx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia https://www.facebook.com/cakesbyraewyn

Thank you for your rainbow tutorial! I tried it out and will post pictures soon!

Radhika, Singapore, http://sinsationscakes.wordpress.com/

Excellent Tutorial, thank you! (I was wondering how you all did that!)

Haha, thank 3DSweets! I’m so pleased you like it Radhika and I can’t wait to see pics of your own rainbow cake! Thanks for looking :)

Kate, Australia - visit me at http://www.facebook.com/thegreedybaker

ohhhh yay!! My fav cake and now a now a fab tutorial to share!! Thanks Kate!!

S x


I love it – it looks beautiful.

DJ - Fun Fiesta Cakes

Unique! Love the texture of the buttercream,mind sharing the recepie and/or tips on it.
Thanks! --Great Job——-

Wish I had seen this before I did my ball cake with hundreds and thousands! Great tutorial, nice to see how someone else has done it :-)



Thank you for this detailed tutorial. I wondered how the cake was covered perfectly.

Alvilda, Hokitika N.Z.