How to make a Gumpaste carnation`

Please bare with me this is the first tutorial i have ever done (minus posting it on my own page)

To start with you will need 1 egg cup or if you are better equipped then a flower former 1 flower leaf shaper tool 1 foam pad 1 sharp knife or scissors 1 paintbrush A little water Some greese proof paper And quite obviously the most important thing of all… Gumpaste

Start with 4 pieces of gumpaste all around the same size. You can weigh these although i just estimate

Make your first piece into a cone shape

Press the bottom section flat so you end up with something like this

Take you flower tool and gradually pull the gumpaste from the middle to the outside

When you have finished you will end up with something which resembels this

carefully cut the extra gumpaste from the middle

Begin pulling this into the exsisting flower so you do not end up with a big bump in the middle.continue steps with all 3 balls of gumpaste

Place the first piece into your egg cup or flower former, i placed it in this pot before realizing it was too big so i tranferd it to an egg cup.

add a little water and place the next piece on top. Do not try to be to neat otherwise you will end up with a un natural looking flower.

Lift the edges of the second piece carfully and place small amounts of rolled greace proof paper. This will stop the flower from looking flat and give more definition. continue these steps with the next piece but do not place the last piece onto the flower just yet.

With the last piece you need to fold it in half. Again this really dosnt need to be neat

Then fold into a quater

place the folded piece onto the middle of the flower

gently unfold the middle of the flower

Here is the finished Carnation

I hope this is easy enough to understand :) Thankyou for taking the time to look

Treat sensation Brighton uk


Thanks for posting tutorial really well done & super easy to follow

Jo, NZ,

You made that look really easy – a genius way to create flowers really quickly, thanks for sharing.

Carol, Maidenhead UK,

Thank you so much for the tutorial. I love how realistic they look!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thanks a million – you even made me believe I could do this. xx