Easy Bunting for cakes or cupcakes

1 Start with cupcake edible image disc/circles

2 Choose one disc and cut in half with scissors (yes I know they’re huge scissors, I couldnt find my other pair!!)

3 cut each half into 3 sections, you’ll be left with 6 pieces of “pie”

4 take one of the sections and tidy up the rounded edge with scissors

5 carefully peel the backing from the icing. it should come away easily. If it’s proving difficult freeze for 5-10 minutes then try again

6 blurry oooops
either pipe a line of royal icing on your cake/cupcake (I’ve just placed it on a piece of paper for tutorials sake) and apply the piece of bunting directly to the icing or roll a thin sausage of sugarpaste/fondant and very light dampen with water to stick the bunting down

7 mix and match different patterns for a better effect

ta da!!!



What a good idea……Thanks :o)

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