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Gift Box Cake #1: Gift Box Engagement Cake

Created from a photo provided to me by my client’s.
I recreated this cake using the help from "Sharon Zambito’s of "SugarEd Production’s ":Box cake "video.

I just love how this cake came out. The Cake is a Square using Vanilla Cake and Vanilla Swiss Buttercream. Covered in fondant and decorated with black Zebra stripes.

For the lid I used foam board covered with fondant, so it’s rather light. I used wooden dowels to support the lid cut high to leave space for the sugar/gum paste tissue paper. For the tissue paper I cut random shapes of a 50/50 mix of fondant / gum paste mix, thinned edges to as thin as I could get them using ball tool and places in an egg carton rather than letting each dry flat. After they dried for at about 24 hours I placed them randomly on top of the cake, between the dowels, secured with Buttercream.
Next I placed the foam board lid on top the dowels and secured them well using hot glue.
The Pearls were made using a light shade of pink fondant/gum paste mix. Each pearl I rolled by hand and let set up a little bit before stringing them on thread. I then air brushed them with a light shade of pink shimmer color.

The ring box my Husband made- (so cute) he carved foam board and covered it in fondant, attached the lid using tooth picks and painted on the stripes. I made the ring using gray gum paste and small round cutters to get the ring, and I used a hammer to break up a piece of Isomalt to get a shard shape for the diamond.Then I just added the ring Box and completed the final details.

Dowels were hidden by more of the tissue paper and butter cream, and the addition of the flowers, hearts and other fine details.

This cake was so much fun to make… and it just came out stunning. I’d very highly recommend watching SugarEd Production on how to build a box cake first. She gives detailed information on how to get sharp sides and teaches you all about the lid and other supports.

I’d also like to Thank Shareacake.me for asking me to write about this cake. You all have a Wonderful page.

Thank you for reading.
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gift box cake engagement cake

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Bethann Dubey

Very pretty :D thank you for sharing <3

Wendy Lynne Begy

Thank you so much.. :)