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What a great idea!! Thanks for the tutorial.

Cakery Creation Liz Huber

you’re welcome!

Maria Cazarez Cakes and Sugar Art

Thank you CakeryCration. I was wondering about this myselft and also wanted to try it but I had no idea how it was made. Thank you again for this tutorial <3

Cakery Creation Liz Huber

:) you’re welcome!


thanx for the tut, the other site that had a tut wanted $30 to view it! seems so simple once it’s explained. question though… you talk about preparing yellow and chocolate cakes like as if making cakepops. are you actually mixing frosting into the cakes to make the spots and then baking again in the 3rd mix? or do you have some other method to making cakepops that i’m not aware of?

Cakery Creation Liz Huber

You’re welcome!
I always have left over cooked cake from carvings and such so I just save all those extra pieces. I crumble the cooked cake in a bowl, mix in a little buttercream, shape them like I show in the pics above and place them into the uncooked cake batter. Yes the leopard spots are technically getting cooked again but they stay very moist(because they are a mixture of cake and buttercream). Doing it this way keeps the balls from becoming distorted while baking. I have seen the leopard spots method done a few other ways but the leopard spots become distorted during the baking process. Hope that helps. You can always email me if you need further help.

Tracy Buttermore

I saw the same pic floating around and racked my brain trying to figure it out…. Good Job, thanks for sharing this.

Cakery Creation Liz Huber

You are welcome!!!! :)

Geri Yost

…so the buttercream used in making the balls doesn’t melt during the baking? I’d love to try this but have visions of slime inside the cooked cake! Yikes!