Cake Business Book Giveaway #1: Announcement

Time to Start your own Cake Business?

We have 5 copies of this fantastic book to give away !

How to enter:

  1. Click the “Share” link found below the decription of this banner to share this Giveaway with your friends. Select “Public” option, when sharing.
  2. Answer the following: IF JULIA ROBERTS HAD HER OWN CAKE COMPANY, WHAT WOULD SHE CALL IT? in the comments below.

5 funniest answers each win a copy!

( Closing date, Monday June 4th 2012 )

-- Michal, | My Facebook:


Catch Me if You Can Cakes


Red Velvet Armadillo or Full Frontal Cakery?

Bethany Whitford, Cakes by Bethany, Michigan,

Pretty Women, Pretty Cake: Its pretty hard to be a PRETTY women with out a piece of cake


Eat cake, pray and don’t gain weight, Inc.

DJ - Fun Fiesta Cakes

I think it would be called……Steel Magnolias but we’ve added CAKE;) lol

Aisha Cakes

Erin’s Cakeovich – (because the term “vich” means “son of” which is the most commonly uttered phrase in my kitchen lol)


America’s Sweet Tortes