Diamond Buttercream Quilting Technique

I posted this to my blog this morning, but I wasn’t sure if I could share videos on here or not. In this video, I present the method I use to get a diamond / harlequin effect on my buttercream cakes. Hope you enjoy!

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thank you so much for all your wonderful tut’s

art deco cakes by gali

Wow That makes a huge difference…using your hot bench scraper! Genius!!!! THanks so much for sharing!

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Thanks Thanks so much. This is amazing. Love your cakes

Sweven Confections

Awesome! Thanks for sharing ;)

ty fr sharing great tutorial

Elizabeth @ Chatasbakes.com

I’m having such a hard time with this. :-/ I use IMBC and I let the cake set yp, but when I put the mat on, and remove it, it leave an ugly texture in the diamonds. How can I get it to leave the impression without getting that ugly texture HELPPPP please

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