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shells fondant tutorial without moulds

this is a photo tutorial in Italian but I hope that the photos can explain and help however someone! ;)

-- <3 Wesh ArtsLab

shells shells fondant tutorial


Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

Concetta Zingale

Tutorial molto interessante, grazie mi è servito tanto visto che dovrò realizzare una torta con delle conchiglie!!!

Wesh ArtsLab

wow! Concetta non dimenticarti di farmi vedere il lavoro finito!!! e vedrai…ti divertirai un mondo a farle!!!! le fanno anche i bimbi ai miei lab!!! ;)

The Custom Piece of Cake

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing

Wesh ArtsLab

Thanks you Galyna!

SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa



great tutorial…thanks for sharing! Ü

Calli Creations

Absolutely gorgeous! I’m all for no molds, if needed I make my own, but this looks fabulous, well done and thanks so much for sharing

Wesh ArtsLab

I am very happy that you enjoyed it … thanks!!!!