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Crumbs in the Bakeroom #2: Meringue in Three

There are three ways to make meringues:
1. French Style – Eggwhite is beaten then refined sugar is added slowly. once all sugar is added, it is beaten further until soft-peaks for cake folding or glossy stiff peaks for frosting. It is optional to add flavor extracts and/or food color.
2. Italian Style – 1 cup sugar (250g) is boiled into 1/2 cup water (125ml) until soft-ball stage (this is the thick syrup consistency that boils with slow popping bubbles and forms a soft ball when dropped into cold water or mug of ice). The syrup is then poured in a steady stream into maximum speed beating 4 eggwhites until glossy stiff peaks form for frosting. This is also known as Boiled Icing and Marshmallow Icing. In some recipes, it also calls for glucose, vanilla extract and cream of tartar.
3. Swiss Style – 4 eggwhites with 1 cup refined sugar is beaten in a mixer bowl over a pot of boiling water. (bain marie procedure) It is beaten until the mixture heats up. once side of the bowl is slightly steaming, remove from heat then continue to beat until glossy stiff peaks form for frosting.

these steps can also be applied when you are making macarons. :)

-- Cakes are meant to be eaten!!!

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