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Crumbs in the Bakeroom #1: Chiffon vs Sponge Cake

what’s the difference between Chiffon Cake and a Sponge Cake? procedure on the eggs. Chiffon Cakes require you to separate the yolks from the albumen, whisked in separate batters then carefully folded together. Sponge Cakes usually gets whole eggs beaten on high until foamy then the dry ingredients are carefully folded in, in some recipes, melted butter is drizzled and finally folded. Angel Cakes use only the eggwhite and the yolks go to the frosting recipe.

-- Cakes are meant to be eaten!!!

chiffon sponge cake

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Thank you Joy! I’ve learnt something today love this!

Joy Lyn Sy Parohinog-Francisco

found out about it from my mentor over a decade ago. :) i’ll post more as i remember heheh! i hope my memory serves me right.