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Sugar Diary by Sugar Shey #2: SMALL ORDERS pave the way for BIG ORDERS!!

Dear Sugar Diary,

So today on the agenda are 84 cupcakes and a cake. My kitchen will smell like heaven starting this afternoon. =)

Orders Going Out 2/25/2012:

1- Peanut Butter/Chocolate Cupcakes(12)

2-Banana/Caramel Cupcakes(6)

3-Coca Cola Cupcakes…..YES….COCA COLA!(6)

4-Vanilla/Vanilla Cupcakes(30)

5-Chocolate/Chocolate Cupcakes(30)

6- Vanilla Cake/Caramel Buttercream(15×11)half sheet)

I am currently constructing a custom stand for a cupcake order….and have begun decorations ……I have a friend….(I will change their name in this Blog to “Jane” ….

Jane asked me: “Why do you take so many small orders….and you don’t even post all the pics online anyways?” Well Jane….for starters SMALL ORDERS pave the way for BIG ORDERS…..SMALL ORDERS keep my business IN business…..and to me no order is a SMALL order…..sometimes a small humble order is being taken to someone who will be surprised by it and the gesture….sometimes a small order is for saying Thank You….or Sorry for Your Loss…..sometimes these SMALL orders make a world of difference to the one receiving it…so I have no problem making a single order of 12 cc’s for someone. I have even baked and decorated 4 cupcakes for someone…that led to 2 full cake orders….Sometimes people just want to sample your product before committing to an actual cake. So you see….I never turn away an order because of “size” or quantity. =) If you are in business out of your home like I am… know that not everyone wants a giant cake for every occasion…sometime a cute delicious cupcake is enough….I mean ….biting into peanut butter buttercream (from scratch and kid approved) and then finding the surprise of dark chocolate inside your cupcake must be very nice…;) I like surprising my clients……=) So I must get back to work….I may pop in later and post pics of progress….=) Have a wonderful day fellow cakers and friends….Stay Busy and look sexy the whole time! =)

-- Shey

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