Fondant Tutorials #1: Tutorial Baby

Shaping a ball of flesh colored sugar paste

Press with your thumbs to dig the face at eye level

Shaping a scoop of brown sugar paste

Flatten the ball with your fingers

Position on the head and press the excess on the sides

Cut the dough too much and shape with your fingers by joining the paste on the head

Shape of the strands to make sprig

Mark the strands to create the effect of hair

With the Ball Tool smallest marked face up to your eyes and put two balls of black sugar paste

Shaping a scoop of brown sugar paste and cut in half

Modeling the two balls to get the shoes

Shaping a ball of sugar paste blue

With your fingers modeled giving a pear shape

Accident base

Modeled giving the shape of the pants

With the ball great tool marked the bottom of the pants

Put your pants on shoes

Obtain a strip of dough blue

Attach the legs with a stick on a Styrofoam base and then adhere the strip to the bottom of the trousers to create a flap

Spread a piece of white dough and cut a circle

Shaping a white ball, stick stuck in, add the circle to give the effect of a shirt and placed his head

Realizing the sleeves of a cylinder of white paste

With the medium ball tool marked where you are going to put your hand

Shaping a ball of sugar paste flesh-colored, elongated teardrop

Incident to derive the thumb

Attach the hands to the sleeves

Place the sleeves on the baby

Roll a piece of dough and red with a mold to eject the formed flower

With a piece of dough to make a green cord to make the stem and place the flower in the hands of the bab