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How to get Wood-grain effect on Fondant

*Tutorial and pictures on How to get a wood-grain effect on Fondant. *

Needed supplies: White fondant, Brown fondant, brown gel color, small paint brush, Fondant Veining tool or toothpicks, Sponge or sponge paintbrush, Vanilla Extract or Vodka

1.) I took two batches of Fondant, one in white and one in brown. In this case I used Chocolate Fondant.

2.) I then added a tiny bit of the brown fondant to the white to give it a tannish color.

3.) I took a bit of each color and rolled them into long thin “snakes”.

*4.) Then I twisted them together loosely. *

5.) I did this a few times to get the amount of Fondant I thought I would need to cover my cake, and placed them flat on my rolling service, but snug together so I could roll them into a sheet of fondant.

6.) I then rolled it out to the size I needed and the thickness.

7.) I covered my cake. (Pirate Ship in this case)

*8.) The good news…since it is wood grain it doesn’t have to be perfect…what wood is perfect?

9.) I took a Fondant Veining tool and made holes for the knots, and line, straight and squiggly for the grain look.*

10.) Then I took brown Americolor gel (Wilton would work too) and used it with my small paint brush and traced the lines and filled in the “knots” with extra color. Again doesn’t have to be perfect.

11.) I then took my brown color and thinned it out with Vanilla extract to get the desired color. Test it on some left over fondant to make sure it is the color you are after. I used a piece of sponge (from my gumpaste flower former set) to brush the color on my fondant. I went one way as much as possible to keep with the wood grain look. (note to self: next time use gloves!!!!!)

12.) After you finish up you can go over it or parts of it with a clean sponge and vanilla to “lighten” up parts of the wood look. (see the different shades….really they are there! )

Thank you for looking at my first tutorial! I hope it can help someone!

Here is a link to my Facebook page that will take you directly to the tutorial.

-- Creative Cakes by Chris

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Thank you for posting this. Great tutorial!!


this is great, im doing a pirate ship for my sons birthday and was wondering how to get this effect :D x

Havan a Taste

awesome tutuorial, thanks so much for posting


Thank you for sharing x

Laura Young

Excellent tutorial, especially for a newbie like me, thanks


Great tutorial Chris. Your cake looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


Excellent tutorial!! I’m thinking the same technique could easily work well for a camouflage fondant if you make the fondant twists (With the different camo colors) a little tighter.