Whimsical New Year 2014 Gift Box Cake

Sydney loves bows on boxes, she thought a three tier gift box cake with whimsical flowers, swirls, and of course bows would be an awesome New Year’s Eve cake! We wanted each tier to have it’s own special gift, the bottom is filled with peace, the middle with a year of hope, and the top love. The ribbons on each layer match the lid of the proceeding cake and we chose colors that are bright and cheerful.
As the last holiday of 2013 and first holiday of 2014 is upon us we wanted to give you a fun tutorial to start the New Year right as we say goodbye to 2013 before we welcome 2014.

New Year’s Eve 2014:
New Year’s Eve 2014
Pasta machine,optional
Right angle
Straight cutting wheel
PME decorative cutting wheel
Decorative rolling pins
Circle cutters different sizes
Artist brushes
Pounce wheel
Ribbon cutter
A-ceto knife
Straws, all sizes
Decorative stamps
Rolled gauze wrap smooth with plastic wrap/ or plastic pieces cut into strips
Airbrush, optional
Paper cornet
Recipe for Madeira cake, you will need enough for 3 cakes
Flower paste/gumpaste
Color paste: electric green, fade proof pink, electric blue
Petal dust: cosmo, kiwi, & lime
Luster dust: pearl white,fairytale pink, fairytale blue, and lustre kiwi
Pearl airbrush color, Lucks
Edible glue, or egg white
White chocolate melts, Merckens
Freeze spray

Wrapped Roses

To create the roses mix 50% gumpaste with 50% fondant and color the 50/50 mixture (we colored them light pink). Start with a rectangle rolled out thin enough to fit in the pasta machine (if you do not have a pasta machine roll the paste transparent thin). Once rolled to transparency smooth with your hands and cut a rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise, start at one end, roll tight in the center. As you begin to roll more 50/50 paste loosen the roll, pinching continuously after each fold, add a little curve, and tuck the end under to finish. Cut the bottom so the fairytale rose stands flat. Let dry before coloring with petal dust. Once the roses are dry dust with cosmo petal dust and fairytale pink.

This would be a perfect cake for any New Year’s party.
Happy Holidays!

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-- Bobbie Bakes

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

What a great idea for a New Years cake Bobbie! Thank you so much for the lovely tutorial! I really love the sediment of each box. Peace, Hope, Love, more of what this world needs!

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