Dell Khalil


Dell Khalil

Mar 2013 133 Ermington Sydney

I'm Dell and I love cake. I love everything about it, baking, decorating, eating (quality control of course), above all I love the smile it brings to your face when you see it for the first time. It's like magic!

I've always loved baking and cooking for my friends and family, so it seemed a natural progression to take it to the next level. I put my heart and soul into every cake I make and treat every cake with love. I make cakes for all occasions, Weddings, birthdays, christenings etc...

I have done several workshops in Sydney with Handi from Handi's Cakes, Margaret Carter and Michelle Rea, and with International Teachers such as Debbie Brown, Kaysie Lackey and Lori Hutchinson aka The Caketress where I improved my techniques and learnt so many new ones. These amazing artists have inspired and encouraged me to continue my cake journey with their skill and ability.

I will help you create an unforgettable memory with your next cake!

-- Dell Khalil


Dell Khalil

Thank you so much for the lovely comments!

Gulnaz Mitchell

Dell, your cakes are so lovely! Have to say that you are so lucky to able to go to all these master classes! I wish someone will come to New Zealand!xoxo

Dell Khalil

Thanks Gulnaz Mitchell… The master classes were very helpful. One day I will get to New zealand as it sounds like an amazing place!