I have always had a passion for baking but when I started decorating cakes for family and friends in 201, I found the artistry in cake decorating really exciting. As I started to learn new techniques I became a little obsessed with it lol. I started a cake decorating business in August 2012 thinking I would get a few orders here and there but before I knew it I was booked out months in advanced and run off my feet, I was so humbled, surprised and very thankful. I so love doing what I do and am so appreciative that others are enjoying my art as well. I take on any cakey challenge that comes my way because that's the only way I will get better at perfecting my craft.

I love to see others cake designers work, there are so many amazingly creative people out there that I am in such awe of. I really love how you can think of any possible cake occasion, theme or design and someone's done it, its just awesome.

Please feel free to check out my website or Facebook page, I love getting feed back from those in the know, thanks for reading.

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Thanks for the follow! I’ve happily returned the like. You do beautiful work! ~April :)

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