Today I want to talk to you about how to clean brushes after using them to paint with powder dyes. Many times I have been asked about this topic and that is why I would like to share with you today my way of doing it. I have brushes with which I have been painting for years and they are still in very good condition.

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 Clean brushes

To start we have to have the following materials on hand: kitchen paper and cornstarch. We put on a clean kitchen paper a pile of cornstarch. We take the brush we want to clean and start passing it through the cornstarch as if we wanted to take color to paint. On one side on the same paper we unload the brush of the dirty cornstarch. We put it back in the pile of cornstarch after unloading again on one side of the paper. Repeat the operation until the cornstarch that comes out of the brush when unloading comes out clean.
We can clean the brushes in this way after 3-4 uses.
 From time to time wash the brushes with warm water in which have dissolved a few drops of dish washing detergent.
After washing the brushes let them dry on a kitchen paper.
 If we take good care of our brushes they will endure us in good condition for years. Cleaning them in this way prevents their hairs from falling out during use. No one wants to find a hair in their cakes, right?

 When choosing brushes I recommend buying quality brushes. With artificial hairs of intermediate to soft hardness, with the straight cut. The thicknesses will always depend on the use we want to give to our brushes.
Brushes thicknesses between 0 and 2 and with a fine tip will be useful for making fine strokes. Thine lines can be made using edible dusts mixed with rejuvenator (spirit).
Brushes thicknesses between 6 and 10 with straight cut are ideal for coloring bigger surfaces as petals and leaves.
With these we can dry paint on the petals and leaves of our sugar flowers.

I hope this post helps you and I look forward to your suggestions on topics that may interest you.
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A supermegahyperextra hug!


Catalina Anghel