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Thank you so much for the praise, naheed, wow! The balloons were easy. You can just cut a big gum paste circle and let it dry – stand it up with lollipop sticks attached to the back with tempered chocolate for “glue,” leaving about 2" or 3" of lollipop stick hanging down for legs that you can later stick into the cake to make your circle stand up. Then attach the “balloons” to it starting at the top. It’s a bit time consuming, but super easy. The characters are easy to make, but not easy to make “well.” haha. They have to bear at least a slight resemblance to the characters from the movie (at least enough for people to know who they are), so I just print out a photo and used it to make my figures. I just tried to shape the figures the way they looked in the picture. I did that with my princess and the frog characters, too (the frogs). Can’t really give any advice on that except 2) practice makes perfect; 2) make sure your fondant is soft and pliable so you don’t get any dreaded lines or cracks, and 3) give yourself time to let your figures dry firm before you move them about or place them on your cake so thy don’t sag or move unexpectedly. I’m happy to try to answer more specific questions if you have them! Thanks so much for liking my cake enough to ask! ~ Peggy